A downloadable game for Windows

"Run for power" is a multiplayer game about clash of different electric power sources. Goal of the game is to overcome your opponent's power company in order to be the only energy producer in a city.

As a player you can build different types of fossil and renewable energy plants that produce relevant units. The battle system in the game is build to show that every existing power source has it's strong and weak sides. So make wise choices, be quick and with a bit of luck you will gain the upper hand in the epic fight of power.

"Run for power" is a touchscreen game for kids that was created for Hengelo HEIM museum by 6 2nd year students from Saxion University in 8 week time period.

Install instructions

Mouse Input demo-version of a touchscreen game. This game is designed for HEIM technical museum game event by Saxion University students.


RunForPower_MouseInput.zip 105 MB